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Eveline Cosmetics "3in1 Dry, Hard and shiny nails" 12ml

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Отличное средство уходом за ногтями, отбеливает устраняет желтые пятна и укрепляет. Eveline Cosmetics "3in1 Dry, Hard and shiny nails" Treatment and protective base coat in one! Eliminates discolorations prevents yellowing protective base coat effect: beautiful, white nails



Eveline Cosmetics "3in1 Dry, Hard and shiny nails" Whitening and smoothening treatment, thanks to lemon extract and UV filters, lightens nails and eliminates all discolorations arisen due to nail plate over-dryness or extended application of colour polishes. Used as a base creates protective coat preventing natural nail from repeated yellowing. Enhances polish we-arability, prevents from chipping and makes removal easier. Recommended for use under dark and glitter polishes. Gives nails delicate, milky colour and makes them neat and healthy. After 10-day treatment grey, yellow, dull nails gather beautiful brilliance. They look rejuvenated and shiny.

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Hersteller Evalar
EAN/GTIN: 5907609329745
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