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Siberian food fiber Anti-diabetes 170g

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Сибирская Клетчатка Овсяная Анти-Диабет


Siberian food fiber Anti-diabetes 170g

Russian product for health and full life
Ingredients: coat of wheat grain, bilberry sprouts and berries, red currants (berries), apple, antidiabetic tea: couch grass roots, valves of kidney beans, chicory root, blooming oat, bilberry sprouts sage-brush, hips, lady's-mantle, yarrow, knotgrass, bergenia leaves, mint, sally-bloom.
Directions for use: Ready for use. Put 1-2 table spoons in glass of liquid, drink 1-3 times a day. (It is proper to use fiber, mixing it with thick juice, kefir, and yoghurt).
Adding fiber to first and second courses you reduce caloricity! 
Energy value: per 100g - 72 Kcal/301,4 kJ
Nutritional value in 100 g.: protein - 8,0 g, fats - 2,2 g, carbohydrates - 5,0 g.
ТC 9197-004-81828577-07
Expiry date: 18 months at the t not higher + 25°С and relative air humidity of 80%. Once opened store it closed.
Sugar-free, no additives, chemical aromatizers and colorants.  
High concentration of dietary fibers
Each particle of our product is soaked in a tea, useful for people with diabetes. Particles of Siberian fiber clean gut walls like little brushes absorb and clean organism of chemical wastes and toxins.  
Regular use of fiber:
Improves bowels functioning;
normalizes weight and metabolism;
enriches nutrition with vegetable fiber, vitamins and microelements;
prevents diseases, arising out of malnutrition and lack of movement
cleans digestive tract of chemical wastes and toxins;
promotes detoxification of organism..
Fiber lowers sugar and cholesterol in blood.

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