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Siberian food fiber Cleaning 200g

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Сибирские отруби овсяные очищающие


Siberian food fiber «Cleaning»

Russian product for purity and lightness

Ingredients: coat of wheat grain, cleaning tea from specialized company LLC "Tomsk herbs": chamomile flowers, marigold flowers, hare's ear, yarrow, spiraea, clover, mint, sprouts of prairie weed, rind of buckthorn, pumpkin, dog rose bearings, dill, apple.

Directions for use: Ready for use. Put 1-2 table spoons in glass of liquid, drink 1-3 times a day. (It is proper to use fiber, mixing it with thick juice, kefir, and yoghurt).

Adding fiber to first and second courses you reduce caloricity! 

 TC 9197-001-67008287-2014

Energy value: per 100g - 82 Kcal/343,3 kj

Nutritional value in 100 g: protein - 8,0 g, fats - 3,2 g, carbonhydrates - 5,0 g

Expiry date: 18 months at the t not higher + 25°С and relative air humidity of 80%. Once opened store it closed.

Sugar-free, no additives, chemical aromatizers and colorants.  

High concentration of dietary fibers

Each particle of our product is soaked in special cleaning tea. Particles of Siberian Fiber clean gut walls like little brushes, absorb and clean your body of chemical wastes and toxins.

Regular consumption of fiber:

  • Improves action of bowels;
  • Normalizes weight and metabolism
  • gives your body lightness and good mood;
  • Enriches your nutrition with vegetable fibers, vitamins and microelements;
  • Prevents diseases, arising out of lack of malnutrition
  • cleans digestive tract;
  • promotes body detoxification.

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