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Evalar Zi-Klim Botoeffekt face cream 15g

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Evalar Tsi-Klim Botoeffect face cream Safe and gentle alternative to botox.

Information from the manufacturer's website:

Safe & Gentle Alternative to Botox

Every day we express our emotions: cry, laugh, get angry or worry about something ... And every day our emotions leave more and more noticeable marks on our face: facial wrinkles.

If you are not ready to put up with the appearance of mimic wrinkles and are not a supporter of contour plastics (botox injections, dysport, preparations for filling wrinkles, etc.) or if you want to prolong the aesthetic effect obtained from injections, then the cream "Tsi-Klim Botoeffect" - this is the cream for you.

Tsi-Klim Botoeffect cream contains an innovative molecule - peptide argireline which:

widely used in professional cosmetics, being a safer and softer alternative to injectable correction of facial wrinkles;

reduces the depth of mimic wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes by the 10th day of use;

when used regularly, it prevents the formation of mimic wrinkles, without turning the face into a lifeless mask.

* New cosmetology. Volume 1. A.A. Margolina, E. I. Ernandest. M .: Firma KLAVEL LLC, 2005. - 424 p .: ill.

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